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Or he along with Calvin are just plotting a UTXO manipulation

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Cope harder, BSV cucks, harder.

Creg is already getting his followers ready.

Tik tok.

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Craig Wright finally shared how he's gonna recover Satoshi's coins on BSV

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Unironically this. When Craig "restores" his coins by a hardfork, it will shock the whole world.

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A court order.

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Think about it:
1. He's been talking about how miners must be able to reverse transactions or retrieve "lost coins" for months, probably preparing his followers for the news.
2. The next BSV hard fork ("Genesis") is actually closed source for now, no one can see what's being coded.
3. The only way to confiscate old coins is by doing a hard fork.
4. Calvin along with Craig already control the majority of the nodes.
5. The Genesis hard fork will conveniently redistribute coins from old addresses to Craig and Calvin?

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>That CSW is going to steal coins?
He talks about it every now and again. Wait, are you not happy that he'll finally get what's his?

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Any insiders here? Is it true that the Genesis upgrade will unlock Craig's coins?

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Craig Wright: yes, miners can mine an invalid transaction to empty one address and give it to another address if there was a court order, all of which would be valid and spendable.

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maybe 2021?

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