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sup 42 i've lurked a lot of this board for a long time but rarely post. i've seen a lot of your posts and would like to ask you a question.

i think most people on this planet are automatons. (i include myself in that group.) by that i mean there are no actions from them, just reactions, with nearly zero introspection as to their motives or to their actions. most people are completely unaware that they are making choices and go about their lives subconsciously. i think it could be said that for them whole days go by automatically, passing as though they are ghosts. in our cultures and societies this is normal, and i talk to people about this concept and its as though im a kooky navel gazer to them. i see people solve their problems and then have the exact same problems the very next week.

my question is, do you have experience with undoing your biases and destroying your assumptions. do you think we as a species can break free of our shackles of so called objective reality (a totally warped distortion of the real deal), and what would be the hurdles preventing us from evolving to the degree where every person is a scientist in the lab of life?

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