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I got 117 on my last test but went quickly through some of it. I'm just smart enough to know I'm not that smart or some such. I have have a pretty great job though as /biz/ CEO of racism. Fuck kikes, niggers, spics, wetbacks, chinks, gooks, fuck indians (feather and dot).

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I respect cops, they maintain the peace we have if we’re talking about West-Europe. I’ll spoon-feed you today mister cop, add UOS to your holdings. Sell at 2x to get your initial out and let it ride to 5x. Don’t be too greedy, risk management is key to wealth.

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Don’t spoonfeed these brainlets, they call everything scam, and whine about losses because they were late

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80% BTC
10% BPRO
10% LINK

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I advise you to buy the COTI dip, there will be big news coming out. Team is just waiting for btc to calm down.

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Since January I started a small test. I gave 40% of my renters the option to pay in btc. Well, why would they do it? Simple: 3% off the rent. I receive enough fiat money via wage, and other properties so maximizing in btc as much as possible before the big alt run. I have a feeling it might start very soon, and I’m ready to start hunting. /biz/ what are you preparing for alt season?

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