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I'm going to lose so much money falling for the GME meme, aren't I?

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It was an expensive nap anon I hope you enjoyed it.

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Thank you insider fren. Cant wait for the tendies not selling until 5k XRP. I shall sleep well knowing good jews are still around.

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checked and truthpilled. i’m going to continue to get wasted. this ones to you and your journey anon.

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will we $20 eoy? i cannot live off sliced bread much longer it is becoming expensive

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I moved on before she did.
But then I came back,
She kept moving on.

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sounds scarey

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so back to bed then...
hope we all make it fren...

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>the board changed colour again...
Guys...I am afraid to go to sleep can you check under the bed and in the closet....Please...

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fuck off not comfy

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>are you me?
Listen fag, you better just wait until the die before jerking off to your chink cartoons with a noose around your neck. Just keep trading crypto and messing with your hobbies. You can end your bloodline if you want, just wait until everyone else has checked out, it's the least we can do.

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Is it true guys? Is the dream really over?

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goodnight /biz/ i hope you all wake up to big gains and happy day

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Where do we go from here? I was initially attracted to the crypto space because it promised emancipation from the existing financial order that had excluded women, people of colour, and the LGBTQ community for centuries. But crypto has become a playground for those same white supremacist forces to further exploit and expand their monetary power.

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>tfw NEET

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It seems too good to be true my initial investment of 422 will soon be ten thousand what a life

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como hacer dinero?

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My hands are pretty iron, all I do is accumulate when I can on the dips, not even tempted to sell. I saw the pumps link is capable of when I bought at 7.77 about a month ago and my ROI couldn't please me more. I know link can hit triple digits and beyond easily.

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night fren

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I'm a linklet but I'm buying up these dips right now, it's honestly a good thing this happened.

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Would you say that to a helpless baby? Kys? Of course an animal dem kike like you would

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I'm also a newfag and destitute poor living in a trailer right now and have pretty much hit rock bottom, was going to rope myself a few weeks ago but saw some funny memes about chainlink and decided to use the last of my stimulus to buy 78 poorfag linkies at 7.77 and the investment turned out way better than I expected. I still think link will get 1k EOY which is a very good profit for us to start investing in other hidden gems. We're going to make it, remember a lot of link whales right now started where we are now.

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Checked and based

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