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Is day trading just gambling if I'm an amateur? Sick of my 9-5 and would like to try making money from day trading.

I've made 10k on a simulator mostly by luck. Any good sources for a beginner to learn?

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You're enjoying life. I'm jealous.

But if you want to do anything irl, you might need to read "solving the procrastination puzzle" along with "project management in 8 minutes" YouTube vid

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin

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best part of my life: white with a full head of hair at 31. I think that's the true lottery in life; more important than being tall or rich. I can just imagine the 5'11 cope though; tippie toeing to 6 feet. I'm slightly shorter than that, but content with everything else I have.

seeking perfection is a hedonistic treadmill, but knowing when you've beat the odds and are in the top 1% is so much more fulfilling.

what are the odds of even being human and not an ant? a million to 1?

I am happy to be alive, I love my life.

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Time is illusory, what kind of question is that. Rolling for trips, may you live in full health and prosperity.

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