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The LINK token is required to be staked as collateral in LINK nodes.
This collateral must meet or exceed the cumulative value of the smart contracts that it supplies data to in order to establish a trustless environment as defined in the Chainlink whitepaper.

These smart contract values are things like Aave (5.2B TVL), SNX (2.5B TVL), and of course the hundreds of other projects that will rely on Chainlink data feeds.

Therefore, the marketcap of LINK must meet or exceed the cumulative value of all smart contracts which rely on it for data.
We're talking hundreds of billions to trillions, assuming smart contracts continue gaining traction and crypto doesn't collapse entirely.

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also what happens if ur ledger breaks can u just get a new one or what if ledger goes out of business. i always hear ppl say u can just restore it with ur seed phrase, but then why does anyone bother to pay the fees of transferring funds wallet to wallet, why not just delete ur wallet and restore it on a different platform the with the phrase. PLEASE HELP IM NEW

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Friendly reminder that Arbitrum requires Chainlink nodes to perform smart contract execution off-chain
Arbitrum also requires that validators post a bond for each assertion made on-chain

Arbitrum is the initial deployment of LINK staking.
Do with this information what you want.

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very based anon

heavy in FTM, eh? i wish i had listened back at 1-2c. you're probably gonna make it and im gonna regret thinking i missed the boat

DOT is interesting, have been eyeing it for a while. "interoperability" was memed into oblivion in 2017/2018 so i never took polkadot seriously until recently.

admittedly i dont know much about PRQ, but the rest of your folio looks good

thanks but no thanks anon. i prefer to remain anonymous, cant trust anyone and dont feel like accidentally doxxing myself.

you will 100% make 500k this bullrun anon

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>Everyone arguing about BSC vs ETH
>It makes no difference to me which platform wins because i'm all in LINK, which is deployed and operating on both chains

God damn it feels comfy bros. Love watching ETHkikes argue with Chinks, all the while I win no matter what happens.

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OP you need to look for alternative ways of making money. Being an a wagie is like the rock bottom, the last remaining option you should be going for. There's a sea of opportunities in today's world to make money.
People pay for the dumbest shit you can imagine. There's money in EVERYTHING.
It may take a lot of grinding at the start but at some point you can automate nearly everything.
>making $6000/month online working for myself at 20yo

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>Arbitrum launching on ETH mainnet January 15
>Arbitrum nodes are LINK nodes
>LINK staking launching on January 15

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anyone else bleeding sats deadly style

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Comfy CRSR Holders Rise Up

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Finally managed to unload GameStop GME today at 17.85.
Bought in at 13.3. Was worried for a few weeks there.

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>$8.45 is fud

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and thank you too anon, if it wasn't for demoralization posters i probably wouldn't be buying every time I can, I would still be stuck with my measly 10k 2017 stack
it's posters like you who give me the motivation to keep buying

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Do you guys think having a discord would be cringy or awesome.

All I know is these threads are the only place where I feel comfy and among my people. A discord would give 24/7 access to fellow skizo bros.

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truly nothing is better than nolinker cope

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thats fucking awesome to hear man. that makes me feel like all of my effort wasn't wasted.
i made some python gains along the way, so i have that going for me. but this is really amazing.

were all gonna make it fren

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>liquidate someone on aave
>get linkies at 10% discount
>paid more in gas fees than the discount
still worth it

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it should be illegal to be this comfy

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I had a dream link went on a run this friday to $240

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So has anyone listened to the podcast? Half way through just now, really interesting stuff.

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the comfiest hold

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sex has been a very big part of my life since i was 10 years old, i've been fixated on it for the past 15 years or so. i accept what i am, and if thats what makes me happy, then fuck it. lifes just about the next hit of dopamine anyways

i was in therapy for 5 years, didnt help at all and i just felt like it was a waste of time

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20 EOD.

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