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Seconded. Casuals and Jews are flooding into the market and ruining my comfy gains. Nigs is the ultimate sell signal, if for no other reason than to crash this bullrun with no survivors.

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Semis and 5G will be on fire all week into first half of jan

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>Imagine not owning Austral Gold

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Electric utility, remote work.

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I'm going to take this massive hopium pill for sake of my puts and go to bed peacefully. Thanks anon.

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First lieutenant reporting in! We are all just waiting in stealth mode. The board has been over run by newfags, theres not much more to discuss. We have to wait till smartcon to see whats up

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Based blue ID + dubs
Good advice fren

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Ok... Im listening...

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>what people are already knocking up in Chainlink
I want to knock up chainlink, too. If you know what I mean.
instanut in there for that xtra comfy life

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actually really excited about this project and could see it being a leader in the next couple years.

how much to make it?

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tfw I live on a sunny island (29C currently), only work when I want to, exercise, surf or dance most days, have a girl that I like a lot, a comfy home with ocean view and a 40k link stack
and this is genuinely, unironically, honest to kek not a larp

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bought at 13ct, bought at 1,30$
such is the life of the link marine

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how do i start mining crypto?

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>mfw bought INTEL cheap

buy INTEL as long as there is a dip, they already got up 5-6% in 5 days and cheap buying in won't last long

INTEL fired their left wing CEO Brian Krzanich and AMD is at a 224% debt

Comfy 30-35%

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Dodge coin is the real REQ

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keep accumulating

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congrats on this, seriously

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>eek to shake you free of your bitcoin. Dump in the short-term, mega bull-run long-term.

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Anyone in on this?

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People stocking up in preparation

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Hey poorfags who else holdin' REQ?
post the car you are going to buy when REQ hits 10$

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I sank $200 into Mooncoin last year when /biz/ was shilling it during the pump (bought at 3 sats)
Got an easy 3 ETH out of it during December and reinvested it towards Qtum and some other promising alts.

I wagecuck for a living, but watching cigarette money passively turn into car money has been glorious and not smelling like cigs has landed me a QT3.14 gf whom I'm spending valentines day with

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