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Do you have an extensive background in economics?

Do you understand the implications blockchain technology has for human civilization?

Do you pour over the white papers and do background research on the teams?

Are you aware of the growth of DEFI and the moves being made into derivatives and non-custodial trading?

Are you aware that big name financial institutions and governments are getting involved in crypto?

Do you really think your pathetic government fiat can hold a candle to the immutable SOV that is crypto currency?

Do you even understand Tokenomics and how revolutionary it is?

Yes or no?

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Still hodling and buying more even if bitcoin crashes to 20k this week. NGMI if you don't pass this Citadel entrance exam.

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It's an AI voice

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How the fuck is "investing" hard. Literally just find a coin with a fluctuating price and invest in it. I've literally seen coins cycle prices of 51 satoshi and 52 satoshi for WEEKS. Just buy it at 51, sell at 52 and quit when it gets to 50. If you manage to catch the cycle 30 times you'll literally double your initial investment.

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Still not selling.

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Roblox IPO won't be until Q1 2021 probably, you should gamble at the AirBnB and Doordash IPO casinos first, then put your profits from those into the RBLX IPO.

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Miner stonk holder here, my time will come in a few months, watch!

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Blow off top incoming, move your corns into alts, retards.

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>fart in my bosses office
>rig a pipebomb to the ignition of his car
It will be a most unpleasant day for him

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And when she submits to the pizza scrub, OP can leave the room, adopt his financial analyst persona, re enter the room and dump her for not being loyal.

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Satan appears to you and offers you a gamble. If you accept, he rolls a roulette wheel with a chance of 1 per Graham's number (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graham's_number) of you going to hell to be tortured in gruesome ways for eternity.

If you win the spin, at probability (G-1)/G (very near 100%), you get 1 million dollars. You can repeat the spin as many times as you like, each time either gaining a million bucks or hitting the negative jackpot which condemns you to infinitely lasting torture.

How many times do you spin?

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HEX2T is the next moon guys
It's HEX but optimized and scam removed. 80% of the eth in the auction goes towards rebuying axion and distributing it to stakers to create constant buy pressure. Check out the whitepaper and discord, they're helpful and will answer any questions.

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Checked & green id confirms

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are u ready for a habbening

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Bought in yesterday


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Checked holy digits.
Keep buying stinkies

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>take a loan
>gamble it all away on shitcoins
>never pay it back regardless of the outcome
tell me why this wouldn't work. you can't

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>tfw you intentionally shill BAND to make LINK look even more superior when their main "competition" is this chinkshit garbage ripoff

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No, Anon. I'm trying to tell you, that when you're ready, you won't have to.

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>everything: green
>LINK: red
hmmmm.......... really makes me think

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*tink tink tink*

Attention KIKES

I will NEVER, ever sell my Linkies. LINK at 1.90? Didnt sell.
LINK at $1.50? Didnt sell.
LINK at 0.80? 0.70? 0.50?... 0.40? 0.30? 0.20?

Not selling.

IF you filthy kikes ever want to see these linkies again, you are going to have to pump the price to AT LEAST $2000 per LINK... At which point, AGAIN, you filthy kikes, I AM NOT SELLING

The richest man in Babylon. Praise Sergey

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