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>Yeah because anti semitism

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>what has Mosley got to do with Business? He was a fascist and would have crippled the market if he got into power.

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>zerohedge has been pumping silver for ten years and it's never been anything but a shit trade
once the reddit hodlers lose their asses on gme, there's not going to be another ideological investment crusade for a long time
this one's a loser

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>Insider at the DOJ here. You guys better liquidate your positions on GME and AMC because they are handing out sealed indictments tomorrow and likely shutting down 4chan to confiscate their servers for evidence and IP addresses.

If you sell now you will have an alibi at least and you likely wont be indicted with the other guys here and at reddit. Just thought I would give you heads up for your own good. Be smart and sell now

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>Am I the only one who unironically wants the hedge funds to win?

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>Corruption isn’t a thing, goyim. It’s just power. Can’t do anything about it. The only conclusion is to just accept your new leader.

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>Cringe. Kids are literal subhumans and will drain the life out of you, let alone your wallet, patience, sex drive, time etc.

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>Anyone dumb enough to get scammed deserves it

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>Reminder that if you're still using your free time to play videogames after 20, you are a failure of a man/woman. Leae' to be productive with your time or enjoy being left behind on every front because you couldn't grow up out of a childish hobby.

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>No one is shitting on Baba. We are shitting on your christian cult

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fudders going to say
>hurr durr he said ripple not XRP

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>this is why I don't come on here and share my research anymore. Literally praising a namefag.

>I was here since 2018 shilling XRP and showing you retards the way, no more. My bags are loaded, I'm just going to leave. Without me, /biz/ wouldn't know shit about xrp.

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>if you don't waste your life in modern day slavery so Mr Toilberg can lobby for the genocide of your race whilst YOUR tax money going towards fulfilling his psychopathic wishes you're not a real man

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>buy the dip anon so we can r/s and buy the dip all over again.

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>Go to pol you “enlightened messiah” nobody in biz cares are “souls” are corrupt if anything.
This is political and I’d rather read and another link pump thread then listen to this, people that take sides or believe in a higher power Other than there own conscious are wastes of air and just one among the sheep.
You are your own GOD
>also fuck you druggies

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>What is it with you faggots and "usury". The risk premium you pay on property you borrow is a quantifiable amount. There is no jewish trickery happening.

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Go all in on link.

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Evil white men tried to genocide us for no reason whatsoever. Except maybe envy.

Oy vey, remember the 6 gorillian goy.

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