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I was up at 3am trying to get my fucking printer to work for school, for some reason printing from browser preview doesn't send the print command to my printer, I don't have time to research proper updated driver for my printer, and I'm a fucking computer science major. Took me like 20 minutes to get the fucking thing to do work.

Then it got me thinking how the zoomer generation will use printers, most of them don't even have a desktop in the firstplace, just phones and tablets, in the future they probably won't even buy printers.


The Uber of printing. You need something printed, you uploaded the document, along with required specifcations (collated, etc) and it will upload to the apps server. Local people who own printers and are signed up as printers will be notified of this request if their printer they registered with the app is capable of fulfilling the customer's requirements. The user with the printer can print it up, take a picture of it (for proof purposes) and deliver it to the person for a fee.

Honestly how often to most normies even need to print something? Does buying a $100 printer and buying ink every month make sense when they just spent $3 a few times a month when they need something printed?

So who wants to make this then pay me a salary as the idea guy?

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