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sn =sn

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You get the red ID but your future children get the green ID

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Then... the world changes.... forever....

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Thanks for the comfy thread anons. I've taken time off from shitposting to focus on my life and what I want out of it. Never sold my linkies but the constant psyops have gotten to me. Hope this month makes it all worth it

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thank you

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He is my savior.
He is my beacon of hope.
He showed me the light at the end of the tunnel.

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This song is a linkie song.


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>It is, I do believe, the second coming of Jesus
it's one of the many symptoms of what's happening
a great awakening
the truth for all to see

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>he’s been LARPing with spam
>Schiff Will Win !!L6zziHG8/KZ
your writing is so generically shit that no one can recognize it without your trip
you write like the ranjesh needful rupee posters

>What changed?
no specific reason, call it a hunch

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Everything is going to be okay

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When the Chainlink network goes live, everything changes. No more token trading and waiting on promises from every project. It becomes real. It's a business. Your node, if you stake, will be delivering imported data, to smart contracts, for real life customers, businesses, enterprise.

We will be part of it. A new paradigm of data, digital agreements, and secure distributed ledger delivery. The first real connection to reality from blockchain to business, and an enabler for any other blockchain project, large or small.

Enjoy the ride anons. It becomes real very soon.

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Why do you think that Sergey is completely anti-hype (and always has been) where every CEO is a shameless pajeet shiller? Does he hate money? No, he knows for a fact that he's sitting on the Pandora's box. Basically he's already guaranteed to make it beyond any imagination, now he's only figuring out the best way to open the box without it exploding on his face, and he's doing a good fucking work so far. If you need to shill you have nothing to offer except snake oil, indeed crypto is full of shills and totally lacks working products, but if one behaves as a real CEO maybe he holds the real deal, don't you think? Still not convinced? Friendly reminder that the biggest concern of the dude right now is to keep the price of his token LOW (initially) to help adoption, did he lose his mind? No, again, he already won and he's only tracing the best path possible to unleash his monster. The only other crypto personality that 'fudded' his own project is fucking Vitalik who said that ethereum >10$ is overvalued or some shiet, we all know how it ended.
Sergey is based as fuck and I unironically won't stop accumulating until $10, no matter how big my stack is, it's a fucking no-brainer. As a general rule, as long as Sergey continues with his radio-silence is the best time to buy, no matter wait. You hadn't see NOTHING yet.

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what fundamentals have changed since pre fireside chat?

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there will be documentaries made about us

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Holy shit. The decoupling will soon be complete.

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Holy shit how much confirmation do you need

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Literally undumpable. Imagine not being in on this rocket.

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Altcoins are for long dick chads who want to accumulate btc like a real man

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