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actual whale here, going to liquidate this faggot just for the lulz. Give me 2 hours

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With my 100,075 shares of MNXXF, I am serene

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How many pepes do you have

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i was there

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>selling ETH in the beginning of alt season and before ETH/BTC ratio reaches 0.1
Paper hands and newfags all around

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nothing much hbu?

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>insiders have accumulated we're ready to dump on /biz/
many such cases of dump

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This has already been talked about on /biz/ for months. What your seeing is the transfer of wealth from crypto whales to institutional buyers. All the old school whales that can't prove where they bought their btc or have it connected to selling drugs on crypto marketplaces like the silk road have been forced to cash out. That is why we stalled at 19k for so long. They were cashing out while institutions were buying.

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we bought Saturn's chosen coin lads. Saturn loves to take His time.

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My hair's a bitch and takes time to dry before I can properly shape it. Only solutions are either waking up earlier (dedicating even more unpaid time to work) or buying a hairdryer (not sure if that's healthy for your hair or not). Plus things like making lunch and such are dome in the morning or the night before, which is also unpaid labor. Thankfully my commute is pretty short, ~20 minutes on a single road.

Computer engineering degree, electronics engineer position. I work in aerospace. They recruited me at a campus job fair.
>Seems comfy
100%. The first hour of my day just ended, and I slept through it before posting on /biz/. Going to take a 90 minute lunch in 20 minutes, then have a quick post-lunch nap. Then I'll do a little online training (annual) before a meeting at 2:00. Meeting will end around 3:00, and I have 2 hours to burn before my shift ends. I usually leave 10-20 minutes early if I have nothing to do.

Literally every work day is like this, give or take the meetings/training.

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That is the sound of inevitability

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this isn't related to XRP but it's just cool. an encyclopedia of imaginary animals in folklore from around the world, written by Borges


soooooo did anyone watch the Brian Brooks interview i posted at the beginning of the thread? he says some stuff that sounds a lot like he's advocating for the adoption of Ripple's services

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posting this shit to frogchan, kek

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Guys, who here thinks we’re going lower before the moon? Or are we gonna crab and/or have some speculative bullrun?

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I wonder if you sneaky bring in those fishing weigh scales or something to quickly weigh stuff in the store.

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I don’t support blm but you’re probably based

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We are all pawns in The Great Game between Coinbase and Binance for ultimate control of crypto.

Who is it going to be? (((Them))) or >>>Him<<<?

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Comfy good vibes standard thread, all the linkers are still sleeping

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Cardano is just Diet Doctor Ripple

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