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>Ripple isn't even a Blockchain with a mining protocol.

XRPL is a hash tree ledger, its vastly superior to basic blockchain with its 1.0 technology. Mining is cancer.

>The Ripple blockchain isn’t open

The entire XRP ledger and XRP source code is open you absolute mongoloid pajeet.


>$XRP = Some shitty fintech company

Yeah so shit they're friends with the IMF, the Trump administration. A lot of central banks like the Fed and the Bank of England. Very shitty company indeed. If Christine Lagarde's dissipating fart cloud got walked into by one of your shitcoin "ceos" you retards would be in a frothing frenzy predicting partnerships.

How you people don't realize something so glaringly fucking obvious is beyond me. How dumb to you have to be to think that the only FI, central bank and government friendly digital asset won't win the adoption race? Yeah of course not, its going to be your page 36 shitcoin with 1 developer and a site registered in Panama.

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