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the fact it's written in haskell means absolutely nothing you fucking inbred mongoloid.
>oh my god, windows is written in c and c++. languages I never use therefore I cannot use it!!!
either really good bait or you're genuinely retarded. Heres a (you) you fucking faggot

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>fat protocol
>no sharding
this is a bad thing?
>pooled mining
yes people join a pool if they wish or start their own to take part in decentralising the network and receive rewards. how is this bad?
>nothing at stake
ada held represents a stake. pool owners/delegates hold ada.
>users are taxed - whales decide what it's used for
what. how are users taxed?
>on chain governance
how is this bad? people can vote on various things to improve the network as they see fit.

you're listing random bullshit that you don't understand/doesn't make any sense in an attempt to sound intelligent/spread FUD. why don't you elaborate and explain each point, you dumb cunt.

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if you did more than 5 mins of research you'd realise how retarded this statement was

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>anyone with more money than me is lying

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crypto retard looking to invest into stocks/etfs in order to diversify. have about 50k in crypto rn. advice? what about corona, are the markets expected to crash again?

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B-but t-they took away 2% of supply a-and it’s pumped 10%+ in 5 mins. G-guys, it’s a ponzi.

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Would you say that you huff lots of glue or just a regular amount?

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how fucking stupid are you anon? inflation rates, and staking rewards etc fall under the rubrick of tokenomics n the cryptosphere. you are a fuckin retard

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you're getting desperate anon. will you be attending the next thread as well?
try again

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kys dumbfuck

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shitcoin with incompetent devs who have a history of pshing crippling bugs to the mainnet - no thanks.
maint it hires an army of paid shills and fudders to pump tezos

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but anon i bought at the top and im down 95%. it has to be a scam REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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>dozens of academic papers proving said theories

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>haha it's just a cold xDDDDD

jesus christ can you sub 70 somalian iq retards just shut the fuck up, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about unless you're ironically being retarded. it's not necessarily the symptoms that are dangerous (save for immuno compromised individuals, eq old people), but the fact that that it's HIGHLY infectious along with the fact that it could mutate to become more deadly. what the fuck do you think will happen when 10% (low estimate) of your country's population has viral pneumonia (and somewhat worse) symptoms? Absolute fucking mayhem; as you're seeing right now. Hospitals/doctors won't be able to handle the huge amount of cases and even more people will die.

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Otsz wuzz thurrttyy yeeers ugoo

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watch bezos liquidate a substantial percentage of his sticks to oay the wealth tax, amazon stock goes into freefall, bezos loses everything, amazon goes under overnight, economy loses billions and tens of thousands unemployed overnight. communism begins destroying america once and for all

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