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They are only posting this to detract from Cardano mainnet launch in two days, they don’t actually have anything guys.

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Pack your bags. Alt season is over.

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Incredible amount of based digits today. Numbers have power over everything, because numbers are the foundation of reality. These numbers will take us to the moon, and the stars beyond.

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Also I hold Chainlink

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I bought at $3.50. Someone make me feel better...

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the deposit contract for pos literally goes live in October, with the beacon chain for sharding finalized already and planning to go live in January. it's also been getting scaling updates every few months and already has working L2 solutions if they're ever needed.

if you're talking trillions of transactions per second, then yeah like 2 years, but basic pos and sharding is a few months away, with the specs already finalized and multi-client test nets already live, right now.

I'm pretty much done trying to explain how eth is light years ahead of everything else... at this point it's easier just to wait a few months and have the network explain itself.

also, imagine the fomo when people realize eth phase 0 has negative issuance, while btc is at like 4%

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What the fuck do you need 2B for? You need pull your head out of your ass. You could live comfortably wisely investing (and living modestly) with 1M. With 15M you could raise a large family and not even live modestly. You would just have to wisely invest 50% of it.

What is the point of 2B?

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no news for eth? are you fucking high? pos contract goes live in October, beacon chain for sharding in January, dev con coming up, and that's just a fraction of it.

there are weekly updates that go on for pages with all the projects on eth, it's a huge evolving ecosystem with big players like Microsoft, IBM, etc all building next gen shit on eth.

everyone shit talks eth because everyone is in btc (thus, the ratio) but the better tech will win in the end.

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Yeah. I’m too stupid to see what’s clearly in front of everyone. I literally would have sold by now if you weren’t organizing this conspicuous shilling campaign.

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You’re wasting your resources trying to get people to sell on this board. I’m telling you no one left on /biz/ is selling. Not even the swing linkers are going to sell under $2.25.

It reminds me of Hillary Clinton’s people trying to get /pol/ to vote against Trump. Shit will never happen dude.

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i work a 9 to 5, but always come in an hour late, leave an hour early, and take 2 hour lunch breaks. it's an engineering job, though, so getting more rest actually leads to a net productivity gain. currently making $145k out of boston.

my wife was a virgin when I married her; I didn't believe her at first, but she could cry from the pain when we had sex for the first month or so. I have to admit, it was sort of hot.

I don't really care for music or movies; it's all degenerate Jewish shit. I prefer spending my time working on unsolved problems in computational complexity, trying to separate complexity classes. I doubt I'll make any progress, but I see it as a form of entertainment; "gaming" if you will.

I'm all in on ethereum, after selling at around $450 during the last bubble and buying in at just under $100 with the double digit memes.

no larp, but who cares really

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pos has higher security than pow, it's been mathematically proven in peer reviewed scientific papers

also, the negative issuance rate is nice, too, from an investment perspective

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Literally had a dream that bitcoin flash crashed to single digits and then recovered to about 1000
I just sat there and watched the whole thing happen. Couldnt press sell. It was horrifying

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