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Just bet on the bad guys. They always win.

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gooberment backing and good tech, plus USDC already runs on it

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For those who don't know what this anon is talking about.

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this is how they're defeating the cabal
they're going to take the power central banking gives but use a trustless open system that is 100% transparent

it's incredibly intelligent how it's all unfolding
there's some major players (pic related) worth looking into maybe throwing some dosh at

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that's just not even how the ripple networks works nor how xrp functions and is retardation tier levels of FUD
if you didn't do even a simple search to see if that information was true or not then why are you acting as if you're passing around knowledge that should be shared
the entire point is for the entire ripple network to be competitive
these cbdcs will be created and on the network but for the remittance, the important part, xrp will always be the most competitive, cost efficient, trustworthy, whatever meme terminology you need to get the point that there is on the network
therefor they will use xrp for the remittance regardless if their CBDC is different (this was already going to be the case, see ALGO being domestic payments for US)
the entire point is that governments are capitulating to using the ripple network, they recently got the ODL patents, everyone will be on it
and xrp will be the coin the connects them all

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you'll only be priced out post flip switch
so buy until this is running the entire US economy

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If you had to strip your portfolio of only your favorites what would they be?
1. ETH
2. BTC
3. GRT
4. XLM
Im looking for one more to drop 2500 into today

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algorand was funded by the US military using MIT to create what they wanted
it's already confirmed to be the backbone to the entire USDC ecosystem alongside circle

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don't be the guy who is like
>I heard about all of these before on /pol/ but didn't listen

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what other blockchain based cryptographically secure currencies are you holding

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>Seriously who the fuck uses crypto as a currency?
many countries now
soon to be all of them

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do they even realize why they're here?
also the stocks are fine too but make sure you start getting in crypto if you want real gains and not just meme twitter elon musk meme pump gains (which are free right now so maybe just get those free gains then transition it into crypto before they crash the market to teach the little man a lesson)

just some forward thinking lads
they won't let us get away with it

you know what to do

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Imagine not dyor...

stay poor, anon

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What effect would the US going back to the gold standard have on crypto? Obviously not all countries will switch to a gold system but the US being one of the largest economies would surely have a leveling effect on crypto right? Are there any reliable gold back cryptos?

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diversify fren
algo and xlm are great

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what other coins do you guys invest in?

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are you referring to this?

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So my mum is retiring next year and she's giving me $5000 to invest into chainlink this is all of her money in the world and she's 65. She deserves everything she is an amazing woman and the world has never given her shit, she works 9-5 as a food deliverer in a hospital, she literally has the same personality type as mother Terisa. Anyways enough of the sob story what I need to know is when the best time to buy LINK is, if any of you T.A wizards can help me i'm gonna DCA to maximise her stack.

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Hold up anon, brainlet here,
I thought hyperledger was xlm? Pic related?

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Also, explain why what is circled is Chainlink, please.

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