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Seriously tho
Why aren’t there any releases or developments? Where is staking, t sig, etc? Not trying to fud. I’m genuinely curious to why there aren’t any news so far.

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This is complete weaktier FUD.

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It's not needed.
Where is sirgey? gone with ico funds

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is chainlink about to dump or something? what i miss?

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i bought at 0.15 sergey has done nothing but make me money

dont be salty because you are poor
chainlink is very important

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Where are all the link marines? Am I the only one hodling?

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>Staking is going to be so fucking juicy, that i suspect the real supply of link circulating will be close to BTC or ETH cap.
Brainlet here. How exactly does staking affect the supply? For example on CMC, would you see an actual decline in chainlink supply, from 350mil to let’s say, 200mil?

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Brainlet here. How does staking work? If links are locked into nodes, do they just disappear from the circulation? For example on CMC we’ll see link supply go from 350 million to, let’s say, 200 million.

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what do you mean? i didn't notice anything

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Doing research on what Chainlink is proposing to be, it sounds like a good investment based on the tech alone. But is it really worth $5 a token at this time? The oracle solution in a way is a necessary tool for collecting data off the blockchain from traditional markets and bringing that data onto the blockchain. I completely see value in the tech. Is that happening now? Are there companies all over looking to stake tokens right now? I just don't see the price of Link equal to what it actually does at this moment in time. Almost 3 years since the ICO and what do they have to show for it besides a number of partnerships and constant meetups and presentations? Where did all that money go that they raised and are they really using it?

If someone at the comfort of their home can start coding and they launch a github with a working product, do you really need funds to create a network? Over a billion dollars in marketcap. It's not the only project that has millions or billions tied into it.

Bitcoin works. You can send money all over the planet by just needing miners to mine the blocks and confirm transactions in real time. Link is still just an erc20 token and a proposed network that I still have yet to see why it's worth $5 a token.

Any logical thoughts are welcome.

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What Oracles? I don't see them. Can you tell me where they are? Better yet, can you show them to me?

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