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We are over 185k now.
It won’t be a power grid outage, it’ll be internet and telecom going down and initiating the Mass arrests and suicide weekend.

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I think patriots are in control and they have a ledger of all the deep starters who bought Xrp. Guess what? The elite have been falling left and right and have been forced to sell off all their assets. How many times a week do you hear about a c-suite exec stepping down and selling off $XX million in shares? Three or four times at least. Nike, underarmor execs fell the same week!

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Where do you guys think they’re putting their money?

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Yea well that’s if they aren’t in prison and their assets are seized.

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So Xrp and cripple is the only token to be iso certified. It’s the only company connected to central banks and the us government. Their people are embedded in all levels of the government and fintec industry. It’s been deployed across hundreds of institutions for POC and the rollout of the ledger and odl feature (ad-hoc) trading of Xrp is happening now. As central banks are nationalized (like the us treasury was three months ago) they will deploy a digital dollar and Xrp will bridge international trade. It will do more than billions, it will settle STOCK AND FUTURES which clears quadrillions every year.
The big pump is speculation coupled with elites shifting assets into things that are difficult to seize. There’s over 180k sealed indictments and there’s no way you wouldn’t know if you’re indicted. “Oops I lost the thumb drive oh well I don’t care because you’re going to execute me anyways” is different from seizing a stock account or real estate.

$20 eoy

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