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if it's baked into the protocol you wouldn't do that, now would you?

it's an incentive for the miners to keep innovating and compete, especially right before a known address is about to expire so they are more likely to be able to grab the first couple of promilles of the then much higher reward pool. doesn't get much more capitalist than that. you are misunderstanding if you think i'm suggesting some kind of socialism system. craig is also talking about how sats should never really exit circulation, all i'm saying is that it is better for the system to distribute these lost sats as part of the miner reward instead of one guy getting lucky and getting 55k BSV from a single 110 year old address, which at that point could buy the 4 richest countries in the world as far as we know.

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ok so this one's not edited, good. if you find the parody one i'd be interested to see it though, always up for a laugh.

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