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What is this Brazilian time travel blog you speak of good sir?

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Read the book of Lamentations as well as the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. You will soon realize that there is nothing new under the sun. Greater men than you and I have pondered these questions for 1000s of years, and most have reached conclusions that it is best to continue living a good life. It will be okay.

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>be catholic
>want to get married because god will damn you to hell for all eternity if you fuck your gf
>have to pay thousands to the church to get a priest do it
>same for getting a kid baptized, confirmation, annulments, etc

>be jewish
>want to join a temple so you can go to services on holidays
>have to pay for a membership

those are just the religions I'm intimately familiar with, I'm sure others do the same shit too. If you're going to be a "good member" of the religion and do things the way they want you to then you've got to break out your checkbook.

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