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>need to flush out the funny money and bad banks/businesses

implying they won't bail out the bastards. you know they will. the only ones getting flushed are small business

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I invested £1000 in TESLA

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The real snailpill is to accept the snail and refuse the money xx

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I sold my buttcoins few months back or weeks I dont remember, I shorted on those red massacre days and went out, I just couldn't handle the stress and most of all, constant anxiety monitoring the charts.

So today I wake up to this green dildo and the entire morning I'm on the fucking calculator.

> if I just bought XY amount at 3500 and went long easy, 5x, I would have ____ now

> if I just went crazy, 20x long at ____ I would be at ______ now

On and on and on. I know these predictions are retarded and it's easy to be "epic trader" when the movement already happen, shoulda woulda shit everyone can do it...but still...the pain of missing out itches still...

How do you cope, handle that?

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