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Saudi military armed with the most advanced military equipment in the world just got raped by a bunch of barefoot tribesmen. They would already be in Riyadh now if it weren’t for direct American intervention

How do I profit off this? Long oil?

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“look into rsdnation.com”

Yes if you’re interested in getting scammed by aspies and being taught how to be even more aspie, then yes

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Lmao I’m 26 and I’ve been on no fap hard mode for 6+ months now after a prev 2 year streak, and have 900+ test

Get the fuck out of here with your woe is me bullshit. You’re still young and have no fucking clue what the fuck true inceldom is

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They do it for FREE

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LOL holy fucking SHIT at this cope

My mind is trying to wrap around the mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance to write something like this

So you’re saying that in an anarchy scenario, spec ops soldiers will be just as fucked as you? You’ll handle yourself just as well as them?

Holy shit my sides

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>tether manipulated bitcoin bull
>no normies who bought into bitcoin to buy his alt bags
>still believes an alt season is coming any time soon

You brainlets kill me!

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LOL. He’s sending it *through* binance for obfuscation?

HOLY FUCKING *SHIT* can’t breathe! You fucking faggots never cease to amaze me with your autism

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You can’t be fucking serious dude, you can’t be. *THIS* is the money counter trading me. No wonder I’m so knee deep in profit

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A few months ago when I went to Central Europe for the first time

What a brutal fucking redpill. I fucking hate America so fucking much

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for fucks sake KYS YOU GOOK FAGGOT

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Oh man you moonboys crack me up

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Tether frauders have been firing round after round at 10.5k and can’t breach it

You’re fucked, banking cartel is shorting this ponzi to 0. The burns will start soon before the trial and then panic sets it when it turns out they have no reserves at all

Get into fiat or usdc now idiots

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This x10000. Both pics itt obviously ran test. Just sad that they would go on the internet and lie about it to complete strangers

>”b-but bro I’ve just been lifting for 10 years with perfect diet!”

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Since Jan 2018, I’ve probably spent an average of around 7-8 hours a day on here

Don’t know how I haven’t necked

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>t. Genius dr. Evil tier mastermind who doesn’t realize .58 hours != 58 minutes

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