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>All in chainlink
>All in ethbullbusd

Which one and why

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It is clear that Bitcoin has zero economic autonomy from the perspective of the market as a whole and it also doesn't behave well when the economy shats itself. Now, some might argue that shorting BTC during turmoils is an excellent oportunity to make money, but since you can only short BTC using BTC that's literally a death trap when people tries to escape BTC to real world currencies like USD.

Please remind me what's the point of holding BTC if you are not some weird schizo hardcore ancap.-

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lmao what the fuuuuuuck

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If nobody sold at 4 then why did it go below 4?

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Are you telling me... Harmony ONE technically belongs to Apple?

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wait a minute that Idea isn't as bad as all the others ideas on this board

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