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is neoliberalism good or bad?

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>Just put your wealth in a network whose security is dependent on the number mining rigs running, bro.

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Gay sex

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Getting sick of reading those words.
Nice ID anyway.

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OP's pic is a man that fucks dogs btw.

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Charlie Lee sold his LTC.
LTC will hit higher highs.
LINK will do the same.

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>/biz/ - Business & Finance
>every single post is about crypto currency

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E whores arnt going to want to use a coin that is the equivalent of "farters". It's fine for us to use it. But it's bad for their branding to use fart coins. It's embarrassing and belittling to the e whore. Why would they want to use "fart butt" coin. Think about it you stupid fucking retards.

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I figured out a way to solve the oracle problem. It's fast, free, and scaleable, and it doesn't require a additional blockchain or a token. How can I make money off this?

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tfw I'm gay and I hold chainlink

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Why can't jannies ban all the shills? I thought advertising on 4chan wasn't allowed.

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/biz/ sucks right now. Too many newfags. Half of the threads are recycled pastas and people still bother answering to that crap.

I hope the bear market comes back in full force to purge those newfags from here.

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Can you make it if you are already married?

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First of all, I would like to state that I believe chainlink is proven use of blockchain technology that can revolutionize the financial industry. The Google Cloud Platform blog post detailing chainlink use case proves the utility of link.

That said, I think link token has a velocity issue. **Only 35% of the tokens are in circulation.** Chainlink team owns a large portion of tokens. As the team sells to tokens to continue operations, the price of the token will decrease. If we count all of the tokens link has, it's current valued at around 1.8 billion dollars.

That's larger than many companies with that make millions in profits every year. This valuation isn't backed by significant usage of the network. Instead, it is mostly people making predictions like "investing in chainlink is like investing in Google IPO".

The current market cap, which is calculated based on the circulating supply is about 642 million. But the network utilization of link tokens isn't even 1 million a year. The current price is not sustainable. It will definitely go down in the next few months unless speculators continue to put more money into it.

This is why I am making this informational post to link holders so that they have a proper understanding of the situation. The price could pump to 3$ if speculators put more money into it. But it could also dump if speculators dump.

It wouldn't be unreasonable if link lost 70% of its value since most of its value comes from speculation. Something like this has already happened once. It could happen again.

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Short term: yes.
Long term: civilization dies.

Boomers think in the short run. They need money to retire, play golf, and travel, which is why they've been promoting migration to stimulate growth.

>What's the alternative?
Have more kids. Pump that cum into your waifu and get her pregnant.

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You realize that when binance bans Americans from trading LINK, that the volume will dry up and the price will go back to $.5 - $1.25? You know this will tank the price right?

Anyone buying right now is out of their goddamn mind. It might go up in the future but this binance ban is going to wreck chainlink.

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I think I did ok right?

Should I sell ?

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I just bought at 1.58. Did I fuck up? Did I buy the dip?

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