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i'm not poor i swear!!!

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"has original features"

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>Watch how mad these bottom of the barrel white boys get.
>Watch how mad they get
>they so mad
>I'm not mad tho

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$43 here

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>this is were you are wrong. I'm saving myself the time spent talking to a hysterical person.
>I-I totally h-have an a-a-argument and I'm just not telling!

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>red futures
this means it's gonna be green tomorrow right?

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>y-yeah, we both know I hurt you deeply
Stop projecting already. I'm not sure in what you wrote could potentially hurt me.

Are you a fucking schizo?>>30106736
You replied to the correct guy (me) the first time over. I want to compensate your hurt wallet.
You barely know how to use the site. It didn't take more than one reply before you act like a clown again.
If you click on my ID all my posts are highlighted you know. Makes it a lot easier.

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>link pumping
>just took out a short on BTC
is it really this easy?

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>No I'm a functioning adult who doesn't shit my diapers because of a tweet

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>OP can't into bearish divergence

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>gonna leave, you guys keep circlejerking

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it'll bounce back above 49,308.30, just you wait

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Lol are you guys really scared of a little 60% dip? I'm not scared. What are you scared of a little 75% dip for? How new are you? Haven't you seen a little 90% dip before?

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>Based on further discussions with HMRC, a revised notice with reduced scope was issued that now requires the disclosure of customers with a UK address who received more than £5,000 worth of crypto assets on the Coinbase platform during the course of the 2019/2020 tax year.

>there's a 4 year time limit for investigations
>multiple tax authorities are now sticking their nose in to crypto taxation
>some form of automated chain analysis software will be sold to governments and this will be in conjunction with asking exchanges to hand over transaction records for their citizens
figured that there's no escape from this hell anyway

>get flagged for using privacy coins

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>if you liked PLTR at 30 you'll absolutely love it at 23 when you get to pick up more cheapies!

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>No u!!!!
>4 posts by this ID
Yikes anon, how does it feel knowing that you can never achieve this level of love and bliss?

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>You're so stupid, OMG.

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accumulation time i guess

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>below 100? better buy more and stick it to the hedge funds! Reddit strong!

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