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The S&Ps forward PE ratio is now at its highest level since 2001. For fucks sake you moronic permabulls stop buying, the FOMO here is insane.

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BOBO patrol on duty sir, this is a bobozone. all bulls are KOS. we're closing red today

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First class bobo checking in. Last call before I crash this to 4500.

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>What if I unironically want to own the stock?
Boomer, out! This is bobozone

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Never hold indefinitely I usually only hold for 1-3 days. Bought 7k worth last friday (when potus pump to +10%) and that monday got 2k profit.

Its easier to do than options just don't hold long time though

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Sir, this is a bull trap. continue to buy at your own discretion

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>what's a "put".
why do retards pretend to have a genuine question they don't know, then type it in on a mongolion rug trading site?

Hey dumbass! GoOoOoOgLe it

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>Funds went all in during parabolic euphoria phase past few weeks

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