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I eagerly await your announcement sir.

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Shoutout to THOTseeker anon from previous bread.

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>Taking a man's tendies

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>yes, I will gladle carry an electronic device near my crotch 24/7 BUT DONT YOU DARE PUT ANY DEVICE INSIDE MY BODY YOU FUCKING SATANIST!

What are pacemakers? What are artificial heart valves? What are stents?
Youre a small minded luddite cuck. I wont ask you to kill yourself, you would probably just botch it and end up even more retarded.

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kys chinks
ty anons

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What the fuck is this? Is this another pajeet scam? Or legit

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The new jannies have been completely destroying the board. They have removed all threads that are interesting or fun and gave banned phoneposting. Some faggot has gotten a stick up his ass and he is going to kill this once great board with his autism. What can we do to stop this growing problem?

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>You have been banned from /biz/ for the following reason:

>Replying to off-topic. (https://boards.4channel.org/biz/thread/22284318)

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do you get off to incels jerking off to you whore? why don't you go and stop being a disgusting freak?

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"replying to off-topic garbage"
aka, pic related.

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