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I can't take being a broke-ass nigga anymore. Someone PLEASE tell me just one cheap, high-potential token to invest in and accumulate monthly (no shit that already mooned like LINK, and I already have poorfag stacks of BTC and ETH)
I have a shitty job that only allows me to throw $400 a month into crypto, so I don't mind going all-in on something
And for fuck's sake, don't tell me DYOR unless it's about a particular token you'll suggest. I've been researching for nearly a year and a half trying to find out which crypto is next to blow up, I AM TOO BRAINLET, OKAY?
Just please tell me a cheap, low-marketcap token to accumulate now

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how much longer lads

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> browse catalog 24/7 since 5 years
> see lewd picture
> post "thats a man". Close thread, refresh catalog
> still haven't made it

It's all so tiring, when will my real life finally start ?

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I have lost all hope. I ain’t gonna make it

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i feel you man

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Hey retard

This is the luigi.finance address who scammed 67 ETH from /biz/


They moved EVERYTHING here:


One of their transactions ends here:


This address deployed this token:


Which is the official lazarus.finance token

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>tfw no sophie mudd gf

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The entire concept of free will hinges on the existence of the "self" as a distinct entity in the Cartesian dualist sense. In reality, our actions, thoughts etc. are all produced by the interaction between our environment and our nervous system.

Besides, Libet's electroencephalographic studies in the 1980's essentially crushed any possibility of free will. There is a measurable change in electrical potential that occurs in a population of neurons that are about to fire called "readiness potential", Libet determined that the build up in readiness potential occurs >300ms before the moment at which the subjects made the decision to move. If the circuit that initiates movement begins to fire 300ms before the decision to move enters your conscious awareness, how could you possibly have free will?

Consciousness is an epiphenomenon and we have no agency, but we feel as if we do.

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so if i dont live in the US im fucked in terms of trying any type of investment???

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I joined the desire.finance “private investor” round last week and just found out they exit scammer.


See my transactions. I gave them over 40 ETH. How the fuck am I going to recover from this shit?? Should I just kill myself?

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> tfw bought at $27

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how are other cashbros holding up while everything you want to own is rallying

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you told me that things would get better in october

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>just finished my bachelors in EE
>started my boomer tier EE job at a utility
how the fuck do people """"survive""" 30 years of this shit

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>should I increase my bags?
Do you believe in what V2.1 will bring to the market?

>how much is enough to make it?
Can't answer it but I lost my 10k BNT bag 2 months ago trying to swing between AMPL and the V2 launch. Have less than 5k BNT left now.

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Any other oldfag feeling like they completely lost touch with cryptos over the last few months?

I began in 2016 with ETH and hold BTC/XMR/LINK/RLC (went early in last two) + some low cap coins with serious devs and releases.
I don't understand much about the new waves coins, I get the whole liquidity pool staking where you put 50% token and 50% stablecoin and you get money on fees.

But I don't understand why tokens like MEME, CURVE, SUSHI are getting to these insane valuations but worse I'm absolutely unable to tell which one are scams or not unlike in 2017 when it was easy to get an idea.

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I legit just hummed that little desire finance song to myself without even realizing it

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fuck I opened up a x3 long on bancor last night and I'm getting hammered because of the shitmex bust news

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Hey anon, did you get scammed by RIGGN (RIGN) quickly join the telegram group @swaphelperorg and hopefully recover your funds! Hurry before scammer removes liquidity!

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Is it? I feel like my last 10 were gone in a blink...

I believe Descartes scientifically proved that they do.

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Hey anon, did you get scammed? Are you still holding onto shit tokens? Is the scammers liquidity still there?
Come join the telegram group @swaphelperorg and hopefully recover your funds!

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>3 years and nothing
>not even staking
it really was just a json parser afterall

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Tomorrow is wage slave day

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