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i have over 100 million in trade volume just this month, 95% in futures in the form of perpetual swaps.
I have a good foundational understanding of the factors at play here but let me tell you one thing.
People are falling for the meme that these funds are just dumb boomers but they didnt get to be where they are through luck. This is just one move on the chessboard. They are sacrificing a pawn in order to take a bishop.

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this is true but only because banks offer massive leverage for next to nothing and instead of liquidations happening when the market goes in the wrong direction it is propped up so that there is no risk for these overleveraged faggots
and then they have the nerve to say help the landlords!!1!! im gonna lose it all!
fuck off faggots i dont go crying when i take a risk and lose. that is the nature of taking a risk

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>says stock price is too high
>drops 10%
>shills btc
>no noticeable price movement
is this evidence that crypto markets are less emotional thus more intelligent than traditional markets?

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>buy solar panels
>find some normies
>offer installation costs and charge $x/month
>do it until cover initial costs per profit
>get free money

How viable is my business idea?

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>when you realize the dump rate is more than the tax rate

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>Even pajeets in India niggers in Africa and all of Asians understand gold is money.

that sounds like a huge red flag for your shiny rocks

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yeahh I know dudeee I watched that youtub video the other day and now I know how all the world works and that the illeminati joos control da system with trickss n shiet and we gonna bring it down n make ppl free from da system soonn just wait..

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>I've got £900 to throw into some stocks

Put 420 bongs into Tesla. It's a good meme stock to buy. You might make a lot, you might lose a lot, but in either case it's going to be a fun ride.

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