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>What they did at these mysteries, thus, must have been to swallow this concoction based on the narcissus to go into a sort of false death. The participants then caught a glimpse of the afterlife, affirming that it is real, and returned to life.
>This explains also why Socrates/Plato is so convinced about it. Alcibiades (who is charged with distributing the Eleusinian mystery at a feast) was Socrates' dearest student.
Yeah sounds about right and there’s historical records to confirm it.

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Here’s a thread I made for Christmas.
You might like it if you haven’t seen it already:

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>what we can use the gains for to turn clown world around into a place we would want to raise children in instead of the satanic Jew prison it is becoming and then follow through with those ideas once we are the new “elite”.
It’s been a satanic prison for a while now. It would be nice to turn it around and show people how to be free in their hearts, minds, and souls.
The only way to be free is to live in the truth, which is why so much time and effort is spent lying to and misleading people.

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You know it

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>yeah I slay poizi on da reg yo and I also post on a fringe forum for incel outcasts, how could u tell?
Shit, you just described my life. How did you know

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