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The 1 week movement formed a cup, so we can crab at $13:50 to form a handle and from there shoot up.

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>is a sidechain still a sidechain if it's a stand alone own blockchain

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if I use USD$ to buy bitcoins... doesn't that infer that it is the dollars themselves that have value as I'm using them to purchase bitcoins? The person that is selling the bitcoins obviously values the dollars more than the bitcoin since he's selling it to me.

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The stock market is about to collapse, AMZN is at ATH, the bond rates will go up, so if I buy now I'm screwed. Cryptobubble has burst ...

What do?

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There is literally a 1000 new coins coming out every day. What can I do with them that I can't do with normal money? I.e. shopping online.

You're just paying money for a bunch of worthless digital air.

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Hold long-term vs get profits and get out

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I'm having difficulty understanding why an established company (Omise) would decide to create a token, have a presale, etc etc to launch the OmiseGo token. Why wouldn't they just create something in-house instead of manufacturing a token to sell? Do you all think Paypal or Stripe would do something similar? It seems very odd to me. Unless it was purely a money-grab for the few investors that happened to get in on the presale. This projects seems incredibly manipulated and without a real purpose

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