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>site was intended to use trips for shit assed shilling
y i k e r s

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>read dev sites
>read slacks
>read between the lines on biz and other sites
>the moment I got some BTC I accepted that I could lose it all in the next 5 minutes
my first goal while learning was to whatever happened never lose any money from the initial buy
>if something someone is shilling caught my attention then I go and read about it and >read the chart, more often than not when /biz/ tells you it's mooning it's actually way past your entry point and you will end up getting in mid dump or worse, thread carefully
>if something I buy skyrockets out of nowhere, I just check how much it cost me and just get that back in BTC/ETH and use it to make a new investment while I keep my eye on all the free coins I got
>Never buy high and sell low
>learn when and how much to HODL
>daytrading against bots is stupid to say the least, learn to spot them and learn to spot the whales

Everyday I learn something new from guys here or other sites.

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This never felt right. Plenty of people in the US have $1million saved up. Why aren't they buying $10,000 or $20,000 worth?

They probably have that much in stocks already. These people could easily buy up 20 or 30 BTC. And the richer among them could buy 2,000-3,000 at a time.

I'm starting to think it's all a normie ponzi scheme

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Alright /biz/ you bunch of depressed desperate faggots.
Want a piece of advise?
Dump all your crypto shit and invest every month some money in blue chip stocks, and precious metals, and be patient and watch it grow.
Also: you wont ever get rich selling and buying 3 times a day you fucking retards, hold on to your stocks when it crashes, and just watch it go back up.
Your welcome.

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