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I sold at 1100. I had been holding since early 2017 and couldn't bear the thought of riding it down again. I'm back in now at 1300 though. The whole thing cost me like 10 ETH off my stack because I had a moment of weakness.

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2,5k ... should have sold TRUMPWIN at 75cents but i got greedy AS USUAL

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>being this dumb

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They came up with LN because direct channels are absolutely unpractical for IRL adoption.
Direct channels are great between exchanges and other high frequency trusted parties and have been in existence as a concept long before the LN whitepaper was released.

Lightning network == routing.

Countering the fact that LN doesn't work by proposing to use direct channels equals admitting LN is a complete and utter failure.

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>stable passive income of around 50k per year from a ecommerce business that I'm selling next year and will take home around 100k

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Lying to the IRS is not a good idea.

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Why are any retail shops open during the day when all other wage slaves are also working?

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>logic is stupid

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Did I ever say anything about tether or bear markets?

Fucking brainlet, learn to read

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Great discussion pal

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>didn't read the whitepaper
>"let me tell you why this coin is shit"

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>If stuff was cheaper in the past, stuff must stay cheaper forever.

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>Not all women are greedy whores

Are you willing to gamble on your entire future, because you just *happened* (lucky guy) to find that one-in-a-million?

...if you are, pic is most definitely related.

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Woosh! No fucking shit sherlock, EVERYONE here should know that. It's like you bag holders can't extrapolate anything. When your main net is finally released and the main net swap occurs, the price of this token won't budge more than 100% guaranteed without a quick dumpage

You keep reading your medium articles and github about all the "progress" they're making retard. If you knew ANYTHING about research related fields, you would realize almost all of it is exaggerated bullshit.

This camel dookie of a coin will not moon until there is serious adoption on the network (mainnet network). So until then, go back to jerking off Bruce in the telegram ultimate bag holders

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Alright /biz/, let's get this train going. I'll start: let's say I have 15k USD, is it actually a good idea to take out a 100k+ loan to buy a rental property and start living in it for free? Is this a meme or has anyone actually successfully done this?

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>repeats every talking point biz shills fed him verbatim without question

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>Everyone shorting so price must go down.

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