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Do we celebrate 4chins' cake day?

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>capital gains is 30%
but that is high

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>logo is a meme emoji

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I have no idea anon. I live in a shithole third world country which is badly impacted by Covid and somehow the prices for real estate is at an ATH.
This is peak clown world.

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tfw 1 and 2

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I feel you anon. I got lucky buying ETH between $5-50 and was too much of a pussy to put more than 1-2 ETH into any ICO. I got into the LINK presale but sold most of my linkies because i too am a PUSSY and IM SORRY SERGEY. anyway i got manic and thought that it was time to put on my big boy pants and drop 20 ETH on an ICO and I picked REQ.

i guess my point is, when you stop being a pussy, dont do something stupid like buy REQ

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Yeah pretty sure it wasn't either. I'll just get an accountant when I cash out and pay my taxes, don't want any stress

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pseudo neet here. how can I make $10-30 a day trading crypto? I'm obviously talking about averages. IDC if one day lose $30, another gain $45. That is what I'm meaning. Starting capital is $1500, and probably another $1200 after that 2nd trumpbux check comes in the mail in august. 1% profit would be $15 a day with starting balance of $1500, and 2% would be $30 a day. and then food stamps and medicaid to fill in the gaps. I'm trying to find a way to avoid real life fast food labor and I need $30 a day to do that. So $10-30 from crypto and $10-30 from Amazon Mturk or something. based replies only please. not trying to get rich just trying to avoid hating my life every day at McDonalds. you only live once and I'd rather spend it playing video games, reading books, going on nature hikes, and playing piano.

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>Before law school, Boudin traveled to Venezuela and served as a translator in the administration of then-president Hugo Chávez.[13] After law school, from 2011 to 2012, Boudin served as a law clerk to M. Margaret McKeown on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.[14] He was a 2012–2013 Liman Fellow at the San Francisco Public Defender's Office,[15] and in 2013 and 2014, he served as a clerk to Charles Breyer on the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.[16] In 2015, Boudin began working full time at the San Francisco Public Defender's Office as a deputy public defender.[17] While there, he argued on behalf of the office's clients that California's bail system is unconstitutional, leading to the landmark decision In re Kenneth Humphrey, in which the state's First District Court of Appeals held that judges must give consideration to a defendant's ability to pay before setting bail.[18] Boudin also serves on the board of the Civil Rights Corps,[19] a national non-profit organization, and is on the board of Restore Justice, a non-profit based in California.[20]

>Boudin translated Understanding the Bolivarian Revolution: Hugo Chávez Speaks with Marta Harnecker into English,[21][22] co-edited Letters From Young Activists: Today's Young Rebels Speak Out,[23] and co-wrote The Venezuelan Revolution: 100 Questions – 100 Answers.[24] His latest book, Gringo: A Coming of Age in Latin America, was released in April 2009 by Charles Scribner's Sons, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.[25][failed verification] The book received mixed reviews.[26][27][28]

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>tweeting a photo of yourself making a recorded future announcement on professional video equipment

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how new? buy the first shill thread, sell when the reddit shills are in full force. Easiest way to increase link stack since 2017

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imagine being this successful and incompetent at the same time

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Sorry I'm under dressed but eager to hear more.

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Why did my sats value drop but my dollar value increase?

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>an announcement of an announcement
>a photo of the announcement being recorded by video camera

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>Do you notice the pattern?

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n-n-o hhaha

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>Schedule a 20 minute video call to discover what V-ID can do for you.
oh no no no

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I told you dumb fucks the pump was way to suspicious without alts pumped. I said that several days ago. Now you're FUCKED.

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i really held these shitcoins for 3 years just to get burned again?

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why is not dumping? i received my whale alert long time ago

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Hi there

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