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>but I don't want to send it international...
You'd be sending it to an empty, for lease building at the Cayman Address. That 5 story empty complex is registered to 20000 businesses.

The Cali office is empty and for lease as well.

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How the fuck is this revolutionary erc20 token still below $5?

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Another for lease building. The Cayman one has been empty for years so has this California office
> https://www.crexi.com/lease/properties/124714/california-regus-california-street
What a shitshow of a scam hidden in plain sight.

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Fat faggot is undermining them because he’s sweating. Saying it came out of a Hackathon is disrespectful as well as talking about consuming it so early.

Salty fat scammer is pissed he can’t sit on His ass another 3 years with his unused vaporware garbage

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yeah all that money could go to feeding Sirgay he needs 300 burgers a minutes.

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A centralized oracle KYC Cayman Islands scam shittoken that’s not needed whatsoever created by a Philosophy major with 0 coding experience who appointed himself a CEO of an ERC token who is known for exit scamming and leaving every other project he’s associated with high and dry.

Here is LINKs home office that’s shared with 19k other scams that’s currently for lease

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>A slow json parser that provides unnecessary price quotes at ridiculously expensive and variable rates

They’ve been steadily dumping during this whole shitshow as well. Shit even crashed to 0. Why anyone still believes in this centralized, 0 legit user, KYC, fake address Cayman shit scam token is either gaslighted beyond saving or is just a scum bag shill.

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These nothingburgers are so old and stale, they’re getting mold. Throw them out, Anon. Why don’t you use your dozen or so scam literal who shitcoin partnerships? Funny how you never include those

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>A slow json parser that provides unnecessary price quotes at ridiculously expensive and variable rates
Scam shittoken.

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This. The most prolific scam crypto has ever seen and probably will see for some time. A hidden in plain sight, hilariously transparent scam that’s being milked dry.

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the link cuck makes his appearance.
Show me a single utility case for Chainlink you fucking retard.

Ripple the company is based in silicon valley and has offices in over 50 countries and one based in washington DC, Chainlink is based on the cayman islands in a building rented out by thousands of other "companies"

XRP actually has utility and being used by hundreds of banks, companies and other uses you can't even think about.

Chainlink had 6 years and still has nothing to show for itself besides speculation by pump and dump shills like you.


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It’s actually a building for lease that 19k other scams claim as their office address.

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Nobody needed this scam, useless, Unnecessary shittoken before the world is on a brink of collapse and nobody damn sure needs it during.

This shittoken has always been worthless. You scamming faggots shilling this shit for years need to go to Chinese restaurants and Chinese districts to have the locals lick your faces. You ruined the bored and hundreds of retards buying into this blatant scam. Die in a fire.

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Based Uncle GODfag. Stay safe out there, brother. Bumping with a pic of LINKs home office that’s for lease...? About 19k other businesses share this modest little space too. Impressive

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Sorry, didn’t know if the for lease scam building that 18k scam businesses use was better or worse than this 1.

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It is a scam. Just a scam with great marketing and a cult like scam community that keeps it going.

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Cayman Islands registered shittoken that shares an empty for lease building with nearly 20k other scams and the founder has 650 MILLION tokens, 0 adoption, mass cult shilling, with its founder dumping tokens on you left and right was your ticket to make it?

Learn how to properly invest, fix your professional career, and get a side hustle. You won’t make it off this scam if you didn’t already buying cheap.

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bitcoin was a proof of concept, it will be killed soon as it uses more electricity then over 100+ counreis. the climate agenda will kill it.

Litecoin is garbage, the founder dumped all his coins and there hasn't been a single update yet its all pumped on speculation.

Monero is another proof of shit coin, it's a privacy coin but i suspect soon quantum computers will kill it.

>you can't be a crypto if you have offices and a ceo

You mean like Chainlink's office in the cayman islands?

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>Muh price feeds

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Think they forgot to actually rent the office space for their headquarters. Funny how over 1000 “legit” businesses can operate in a for release office building that hasn’t had a soul in it in years.

Useless shittoken

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It’s not a scam. Look at this nice empty Cayman Islands headquarters that’s completely empty and shares this empty office space with 1000 other non scams.

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oh wait never mind false alarm, nothing to see here, move along

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