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>wait, guys? did our governments just take out all that debt we, our children and their children and so on have to service until our bloodlines die out, just to give it to nigs and apple?

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>joins thread

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Welcome to 2018. Too bad LINK isn't sub .50 anymore.

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>"backs up" his posts with other people's opinions and shows contempt for rationality
fucking legend
>"haha i may be an aggressive retard who doesn't like being treated the way that he treats others, but i got to you because you posted lots of big letters! xDDD"
i am screencapping this. you are a fucking tour de force in anti-rational behavior.

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>digital oil

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Not shilling his texts, but actively working on a thesis involving his incompleteness theorems and ZFC. You're applying theoretical mathematics to something physical that will survive in a very physical world (low hardware/mAH cost entry to a fungible current), which is why you're retarded.

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This will definitely not be your last STA post lmfao

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sad, i can just make "p0xbtc" or "pLink" lmao who cares xD

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At least 300 whole dollars.


That's big league stuff right there.

I bet no one shits in your street, do they?

Probably a toilet on every street corner with a doorman that pays out on your way out.

It must be so good living in the 0.0001st world.

I someday dream to live on a street not covered in shit.

I made sure to use Reddit spacing just for you so that we could better understand each other.

Tell me the secrets to your success!

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>Has actually created curio FUD
>Posts a Filipino
Is this retardation or genius bait?

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Trying to educate myself so forgive me if this is a retarded question... Smartanons, this is related to that other recent post where OP was considering suicide and ppl were posting wallet addresses in their replies, and others were saying beware bc its a data mining thread.

How do data mining threads work?

I don't understand how does someone simply posting their wallet address give someone any valuable info? What would they want from it?

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>stating facts is seething

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>read greentext story
>doesn't laugh at the silliness
>instead wonders what happens next
>pic related
It's you.

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>"t-this is a GHOST town now because my paid faggot friends and i have been brigading the board with it and trying to force it as a meme when its just another fotm shitcoin"
just kill yourselves you mindless pieces of trash

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look, fuck you and screencap this. just for the day he will pretend that he didn't exit scam and he will prentend to you that it was the sec or something. I'll screencap this , and you know what we'll see who's gonna fucking laugh on BIG PAY DAY. we are gonna have a fucking lauch. anons. Better respect a respectful and helpful anon, next time. Jeez biz it' s like you are really mongoloids sometimes. Just trade hex and do not stake in his site and you'll be fine. but the day he exit scam or something do not fucking come here, listen here faggot. W598jbml is the thing all biz will laugh at you.

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Well, two of those are nearing the thread limit, one is a PTG general and is separate from SMG, the other is TSG, which is also separate from SMG. Basically, you're a massive faggot. Please kill yourself. Saged. Pic is related. It's you. I took it through your bedroom door when I got done fucking your mom.

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>Airbus is better than Boeing
Literal fag stock. I attached a picture to this reply. It's a picture I took through your bedroom window after I got done fucking your mom.

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>holding bsv
>on coinbase

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>Corona did not really impact companies that were doing well

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>buying before the death count starts going down

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>brick and mortar
Do you know what words mean?

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