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>celebrity endorsements
>shoeshiners shilling
>cex is now dex

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I just posted a thread on the 4chan board /biz/

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> checks $VOO
> yet another green day, up 1.11%
Ah, feels good never having to worry about some memestock and taking consistent gains day-after-day. Even on red days my biggest loss is only a percentage point or two. I get a full 10 hours of absolute blissful sleep every night knowing I'll be safe. How about you anon?

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Sorry that was me op, but don't worry i'm not going to sell them.
Trust me and keep buying the dip.

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Let this be a warning to all the fags who think the IRS won't find out and turbofuck their life into oblivion for not paying taxes on crypto.

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Unironically, it's the perfect time to buy airlines.
Bought some DAL like 2 weeks ago and I'm already at 10%+.

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$50k will be rejected again. Actually even $49200 may get rejected. Remember this!

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BTC is not going over 50k this year. Screencap this.

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Was a good day today MVIS bros

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Dubs and I shill you a project that hasn't mooned yet with ridiculous upside.

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Imagine just for a moment cooming in her while looking in her eyes deeply knowing your jizz will conquer her womb and her vagina can do nothing about it

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go ahead frendo

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Cheapies? Got $2500+ to spare rn

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I see people arriving in the front rows. Don't worry anons, the announcement will begin shortly. Enjoy the free thots in the meanwhile.

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only legal methods edition

What's a better plan:
>take a loan with your crypto as the collateral and let it liquidate
>live for 6 months in Portugal, gain tax residency, cash out in your new bank acc

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Thoughts on getting a female broker?

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God I love buying low prices to desperate people who have been trying to get rid of their bags for days and just can't stand it anymore

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What are some good dips to snatch today with Friday's profit from MARA and RIOT, bros?

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ive started thinking about fiat dollars as just another shitcoin
when statera drops low enough i will put more fiat into it because fiat is also a worthless shit token
prove me wrong

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Who the fuck buys at these prices?

-mongoloid stupid banks who dispose tons of central bank printed money

What does bitcoin produce? Nothing

Does it generate anything? Nothing

Its literally like i shit on my desk and take this shit and go to the local market and sell it for 1$ and couple of hours later that shit got sold for 10$ and i go to the buyer and tell him i give you 11$ and buy it from him and then i sell it to another guy for 100$ and that one sells it for 200$ and so on and on. Recognize something? Yeah this does look like a ponzi and the shit still remains shit.
Imma keep on my 3 grant divi per quarter fuck your non producing fraud

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Where my green gang at?

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Henlo frens
My name is anonymous and i'm currently financially genocided, ventilated and exterminated.

What is the most painful way i can choose to kms please?

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rich people stuff, it's better than a yacht, a yacht 2.0 if you will.
You wouldn't understand

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