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How the fuck do I buy RBC without getting assraped by gas fees from ETH. Literally bought ETH so I could get some RBC then I saw that the gas fee is 70% of my fucking purchase price.

Fuck eth.

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>why an entity that has been linked to human sacrifice for thousands of years across different cultures and races -including our own satanic pedo elite- is "the good guy".
By your flawed logic, if evil is done in the name of someone, for example if evil is done in the name of God, that would make God evil and not the person committing the acts evil.
Do you realize that you lack logic in your arguments against me and you’ve been busy ferociously fighting a strawman of your own creation and calling that strawman me.

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Let me guess, the only reason you know about that video is because you took a course

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>catastrophic news yet to be revealed
It’s just been confirmed
Reports are coming in
Yep, you heard it here first, OP confirmed faggot

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>Folks are really putting their heads in the sand about the project and i'm trying to provide the truth

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Very little doubt at this point.

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