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Hello, I'm your better
Here's a bone for those of you who figured out link and the 4th industrial revolution
Smartcontract's team will change not only the financial landscape but also the entire fabric of society
The reality of the world, which some of you have figured out, is that the wealthiest echelons really do make all the relevant decisions
In the United States there are about 15000 families that fall into this category
Contrary to the fantasies we feed you working class, the majority of people in that group are exactly who you would want to have power: self made wealth with strong morals
There are, of course, exceptions. This has been true since the beginning of time
But those exceptions exist because we allow them, not because we like them
In fact we look down on flashy money and dirty money just like we look down on the average idiot without the self discipline to not spend his entire paycheck

It's been collectively decided that it's time to shake things up...

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