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>... i don't know anything about anything, just tell me which horse to gamble on ...

i am going to give you a gift of 20 minutes of OG advice. it is worth a huge amount of money if you can take it.

you need to be asking not "which of these should i invest in?" but "why don't i know enough to decide which of these to invest in?"

you need to learn about crypto shit, the actual tech behind crypto shit and the actual implications of a crypto world. sorry, there is no way around it. nobody is reliably making money at ignorantly betting on which token will lambo moon. the way you are asking your question reveals you have zero clue.

if you want to get a clue, you need to start learning the basics of crypto, like:

- what made bitcoin valuable?
- why did everyone think it was stupid, but then value it highly?
- why is libra not a cryptocurrency?
- why can't i just create my own ERC20s and pamp them and get rich over and over?
- what is the difference between ICO distribution and PoW distribution?
- what are the implications of those distribution methods for value?
- what the fuck is mining, are people insane to be "wasting" all this electricity mining digital gold??
- what the fuck even is money???
- and so on

i hear the info Andreas M. Antonopoulos puts out is very good. i've watched like 2 of his videos and they were spot on. why don't you go watch his top videos/talks on youtube. an hour of that is going to be worth approximately 1,234,745,726,420 hours of asking for advice on biz, because biz is almost entirely garbage. it is 99.9999% shills talking to other shills about shilling.

why should you listen to me vs everyone else on this thread who is trying to give you an easy 1000X win on their memecoin?

one of the most important meta-lessons i can give you: take the advice of people who are telling you how to improve your skills and play the meta-game, not people telling you which easy game to throw all your chips into.

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>What retard made this image? 0xBTC has one, and only one, point of interest: it is distributed by mining. And the image doesn't even mention it.

To be fair everything in the image is secured by PoW. Ethereum is distributed by mining too even though it was an ICO.

One image can't address every aspect of a coin or token. This one is obviously trying to get people to think about the facts:

0xBTC is like BTC (and wETH sort of) in that it has a hard cap.

0xBTC is like ETH and wETH in that it interacts with Ethereum smart contracts.

Unlike wBTC, 0xBTC is not a centralized IOU with KYC rules ect. THat is probably the main point.

Honestly you are being lazy if you didn't see it, sorry.

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>Don't buy. It is an interesting novelty project but the chance of it gaining traction are minimal. Try and articulate why merchants/dapp developers would want 0xbtc over other erc20s.

The chance is always minimal, though. Every small project that hasn't caught on yet is going to be minimal like that. BTC was minimal for 2 years, everybody laughed at the original BTCers.

But a small cap that does not have much stopping it is good to get in to. Best thing is to get involved in the project and try to help it along. Near 100% of biztards can only sit and wait, so be different.

0xBitcoin is a good idea. Fundamentals of are the same as Bitcoin as far as how it has value, 21m token cap, same mining rate as Bitcoin, and everything. Secured by Ethereum, can't be 51% attacked. And it is a smart contract of course so it can interact with any dapp that wants it. Adoption isn't there but come on it's a $1M cap with a strong community and promise. Don't break the bank on it but at least get in or even join the community.

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