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With NuLink, you dont have to pretend.

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It already has a test net.
Progress is fast and accelerating all the time.
NuLink is attempting to plug the holes in the OldLink source code presumably with OldStinkies who are sick of OldSergey's bullshit.
OldStink ill have to refund everything paid in the ICO. NuLink had a token drop and no shady dealings.
If you seriously can't see this is going to go 100x lay down and rot.

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This project has got oldlink whipped.
NuLink will flip OldLink eventually.
Old Sergey will sail into the sunset with your money.

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Long all day long. Huurrrr.
FED was never going to let the market collapse again.
Lel why are government agencies allowed to openly manipulate the market?

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Not fucking selling ever jeet

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