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>Be Me
>Work for Hotel Insurance Industry
>Find out its a complete scam along with anything named insurance
>Hate working scamming people and my employer is a dick
>In February caught Covid which fucked my guts
>Moved to Texas from California, single bread earner as wife is very sick
>Barely made ends meet
>Got a raise and put every dime into crypto
>Guts started to fuck up due to tension from work and thinking about losing job
>Now have hypertension and high blood pressure
>Doctor told me to get a leave of absence.
>Employer asks me to put his work over health.
>Told him I quit.
>Crypto 5x since then.
>Have to take out money before actual moon.

Did I make the right decision? I'm sort of in and out of my health but also feel like shit that I have to take out money now :(.

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>$6.5BN, = a 650X from here, = $84.50
Never going to happen. If it did, I’d be a multi-millionaire and my luck never swings that way. Sorry anon

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Bought initially at $4. Sold at 7. Never bought back in,

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Is it over? Please don't tell me that was it :( I'm so sad bros. My life's opportunity... gone.

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Won’t have anything liquid until March. Why couldn’t this have waited a couple of months?

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Tfw only 1.5k XRP
Should I sell some ETH to buy more XRP? I'm sure ETH will moon too, but it's hard to time where to place my bets.

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I could only accumulate 1200 XRP before rocket ship departed. Am I ever gonna make it friends?

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I hope this market pumps on you bobos somehow !!!!

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VIX cant go higher.. it just cant

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