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Fellow stacklet reporting in

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>What do you think about the supply coming from the unlocking in 5 months?
>Do you think it’s priced in already?
Adoption will increase and payments will be made using GRT tokens. There will be institutional buyers. This will cancel out the token release. I think we are far from it being priced in. I really do agree with the "Google of Blockchain" meme.
>Would you buy any $grt before that?
If it dropped below 30 cents it's a must buy. I think the 30 cent support is too strong, though.
>within 2 years
I don't think that far ahead.
I'm not an investor. I'm a trader and a degenerate gambler.

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Okay, I'm just going to start posting girthy cats now.

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Good evening good sir, how fares it in the north?

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After the jobs report do we buy or sell EURUSD?

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