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Why don't you listen to reasonable voices during a clearly overbought mania and buy at the top of a 500% parabolic run?


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feel free to post your haircut later, fren. i'm just laying in bed trying to get through this cold that my brother brought home, stupid idiot. hes not a fren.

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fren, maybe i should cash out a little bit. i have over 100 thousand dollars in chainlink but when i see something at the store for like 50$ i think to myself "who the fuck is this rich, if i had this thing i would be so insanely happy, it's so expensive". maybe i should cash out like 60 dollars, 50$ for some expensive thing and 10$ for flowers for my girl.

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My gf is probably breaking up with me, she invested money with me but everything's on my name, from the bank transactions it's clear that she sent me the money and I bought LINK with it on coinbase but it's all on my name, my account, my address, she does not have the keys. She cheated on me years ago and since then I've had deep trust issues which made me depressed and now she finds life with me impossible because she either has guilt issues (her statement) or wants to live life and party and ride the carousel (my theory) which will inevitably make my life hell for the next year at least. Should I give her the money back she sent me, or give her the LINK or get a lawyer and keep it all if I can? I'm trying to stay stoic but this thing is breaking me down for weeks now and we have said that we will decide this week.

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Is this what 2008 felt like? To be honest this is chill as fuck, my shitcoins are still 5x boomers are cringe

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>being this retarded

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>tfw when you realize crypto has maybe another 2x, okay maybe a 4x.. hell maybe even a 10x but that's it
>then its 5 trillion market cap and is probably at the peak of the bubble
>tfw noone is going to make it if they invested after september 2017

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dont make fun of me plies

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