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The price of a service or good is ALWAYS what it's worth to the customer.

When I got started with my business my prices were low as fuck. Just so I could get customers thru the door. Now that demand has exploded, so have the prices.

The wealthy are just wealthy because when they created their product/service they demanded the public reward them for what they thought they deserved.

I'm still amazed when I meet poor people who have mastered a particular task and still sell their services for practically nothing, because they don't think it is "fair" to charge more.

I was dealing with this boomer the other day whose house is filed with priceless art and antiques. When he asked for the price on my service I priced it as high as I fucking could. Fuckin boomers need to break something off for the young generation.

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> 700 calls
> In one day

I skimmed your thread. I want to believe but, I used to do some cold calling myself. Even making 100 calls is very draining and very time consuming.

Also, hardly any people on earth will cut a check without meeting someone in person, (when it comes to a service business deal)

Anyway, if you are real, you should post some timestamped proof on this site. If not, I'm just gonna chalk you up as another /biz/ liar.

> "Hey guys I just inherited millions"
> daily posts like this on /biz/

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