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It really is worth reading, just trade out all the 1920s stuff for modern tech like twitter and suddenly everything will make more sense.
Take profit during peak season. my gut feeling is Q2 but it could be any time this year. I have a friend who became a millionaire in the 2017-18 bull run, was "scared of taxes" and selling and lost like 70% He lost more than he would have paid in taxes, real bigbrain move. He's now a millionaire again thanks to dumb hodling luck but geez.
Don't time tops. Just look at how much your X'd your money. 3-5x is okay. 10x is great, 30x means take profit. These are guidelines and it's nuanced ofc and you never want to miss out on 100x because you got "only" 30x but sometimes it be that way, and the old OG's used to leave a little bit in EVERYTHING as a "moonbag" lol.
Again macro trends scare me, either fed will print money until the USD is toilet paper or we'll see mega doom crash and great depression 2.0, global war, and a host of other shit I've lost enough sleep over
Stinky linkies will be fine, I'd look into yield farming or something like Nexo.io which gives 8-12% APY just by holding your link on them. Maybe sell when it gets to $100 or something, or at least take profit so you can sleep at night.

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one more tip. peace bruh

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Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefèvre

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