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And that's a good thing

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I don't even know how to read. Don't know what you said. Can't even do math either.

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I'm still not interested in your rocks but if you piss off janny you're ok in my book. We're all gonna make it.

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Thanks for the reminder to BUY MORE GRT

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Made some gains on PNK this summer then just kinda forgot about it except for checking a thread occasionally. The price looks damn good right now though, if this shit still has any future left for it that is.


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to buy more at a discount

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Yes ofc it is, now stop making threads you faggot, you shill it on ALT season, not when i'm accumulating.

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>they do and people riot
>they don't and the system collapses
Sounds like a win win to me lads

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>link comes down to retest previous high as support
>also lines up with local .618 fib
>newfags panic
be thankful that these dumps are so quick and vicious. It just means that we can get back to POOMPA ASAP instead of slowly grinding down for a couple weeks like fucking boomers
now that link has retested previous ath we can enter phase E of wyckoff schematic
now we chad

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Think about it logically now, we haven't even gotten a euphoria stage yet. We just broke 55k this week so this correction is completely normal. Nobody is fuckin surprised we did do that either. But everyone is also crying bloody murder at a 6% dip? Just more confirmation we will be at $60k in no time. Bull chads are in control.

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I'm sorry chong but cz does not have the technology to beat ETH. Your inferiority is written in your genes chink, you will learn to live with it one way or another.
Everytime I see a false flag post like this my confidence in ETH rises two fold.

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Here's to you, chief

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if you want foresight on what is highly undervalued right now look at things on the HECO smart chain. It's going to compete with BSC in asian markets and even though it will never be as big as BSC, because it is so overlooked right now the DEXs that will run on HECO are highly undervalued at the moment like FIRE. Think of them as potential candidates for being the pancakeswap of Houbi's smart chain, 3rd largest exchange by volume.

Everyone who read this has just been warned, don't try to time the wave when you can ride the beginning of the next one.

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XRP rises!

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>/XSG/ Jannie to clean the pool please, another brapper has entered the pool

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based, I'm a yid and even I hate niggers.

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gj fren

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this, TA can't predict a market crash in crypto. it can only predict temporary movements. OP did the equivalent of a swing trade and thinks he did something the equivalent of time a market crash, what a tard.

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illegally based

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>people who hold 1 serg (equal to .000000000000000001 chainlink) will be able to control the future of humanity and be unbound by by ethereal laws

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