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/biz/ is genuinely the worst board outside of /b/ for discussion. This place make /sp/ look coherent. It is 95% pajeets shilling shitcoins and it has literally nothing to do with business. It would be improved immeasurably with flags. That, or range-banning certain countries. Nevertheless, right now it is dogshit. It moves at an artificially inflated pace because of poos replying to each other in their own created scam threads, and to compound this qualitative forgery with a lack of group culture it actively enables people to leave it behind by giving them the tools to do so. You will not see this with any other board. If /pol/ had a motto it would be 'you're here forever'. I know that's kind of 4chan's motto anyway, but it works best with /pol/, because, for all the hundreds of shills that post their daily, they only serve to strengthen the resistance of those they are trying to demoralise by producing an us-them mentality which draws individuals into an in-group and ossifies those groups so that they feel connected and feel the need to defend them. /biz/ doesn't have that. It's a board of individuals who want to make it so they can leave this place. This means that those with high-iq and the right amount of autism end up making it and leaving. These are the same people that create memes and actually make effort posts. If they ever drop in any more you can be certain they don't recognise the place. What this does is it boils the board's culture down to a really bland and paper-thin brand of mimicry of better days as people do their best to recreate it but without ever really understanding what it is they're trying to recapture. /biz/ is dying and, paradoxically, a new bullrun would be the deathblow as thousands of newfags come in and shit all over the ailing cadaver.
Fuck, look at me, two effort posts in one thread.

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Steaking is not just one task don't hype this up until the entire service agreement epic is finished

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Rest in peace big guy

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You're such a fuckin' scam, I love it (I love it)
You're such a fuckin' scam, I love it (I love it)
You're such a fuckin' scam, I love it
(Love it, love it) (I'ma fuck a Link, tell her /biz/tard)
Your boyfriend is a Sergey, McLovin (Sergey, McLovin, ooh, ooh, ooh)
I just pulled up in a P&D (Ghost)
Fucked that bitch up out in Binance (up out in)
Then I fucked up on coinbase
Or her oracle, I don't know nothin' (uh-uh, woo)
And my niggas gettin' poor
Like a lighter, bitch, we poor (poor, yeah)
All this pinks on my screen
Look like I fell when I went swinging' (fell)

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1000 USD is FUD

10000 EOY !
(__*__) <----IMAGINE SERGEYS JUICY BRRRAPPER AFTER 10 GRANDE BIG MACS WITH EXTRA CHEESE, EXTRA BACON AND BIG TASTY SAUCE IN THE MIDDLE, thats right ETH is like the Big Mac, but only Big Tasty sauce can make it godly.
And who is the creator? Sergoshi Nazamoto

1000 USD is FUD

10000 EOY

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