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Bancor is literally unstoppable.

>The entire market dips
>BNT goes up
Are we really all going to make it?

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>tfw literally 1oz lost cause

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I just need $50 LINK so I can pay off my parents' debts like a good son.
I don't even need to make it as long as my parents can live comfortably.

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>yfw actually a new paradigm

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I told my dad yesterday because I couldn't bear his wageslaving anymore. I brought up the subject that I could make him retire early. He told me nah, fuck that shit, I am okay and instead told me that he would think about giving me some money to invest during this bullrun and that he only expects his money back at the end of the year. Of course I could give him a 3x no problem.

I love my parents so much.

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not buying bitcoin at $10

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OP here.

I appreciate every single one of your takes, Anons. Incelish or simpish they're all acknowledged and listened to because I belive in the value of experience.

Lockdown has me so fucked, I forget there are millions of different world out there living in the head of millions of people.

We're all gonna make it.

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Sold all my LINK few days ago at $25 for a 3.5x and I put it all on GRT (0.56 avg) after seeing some threads about it on here and doing a little research.

I would like to thank all of you who made these threads, as of right now I am up 27% and ~$9700 in profit, in just days. Thank you, friends.

I always hold my investments for a long period of time and I am planning to do the same with GRT. We're going to $1 and beyond. We're all gonna make it bros. I love you.

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So I pretty much figured it out, /biz/. Retiring at 27 because my balls told me to. What now? How are you planning on spending your life?

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The golden bull has already happened. We've all already made it. It happened so fast and so violently that our brains are feeding the truth to us on a time delay, to prevent us from suffering a heart attack or a stroke from the physical shock of it all. We're all already sipping cocktails on a yacht in the Mediterranean. We all already have a 10/10 qt gf and a white child on the way. All this will be revealed to your conscious mind in the next year, progressively, slowly, at a rate which your brain and body can handle.

For now, just enjoy the certainty. You've already made it, and you deserve everything that's coming.

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now im back to 25 + years of being a wagie, i will reach it some day anon i promise you

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I'm in my third and last year of a business degree and I'm failing badly. Everything has just become so difficult for me this year. I got through my first year and I wasn't really enjoying the course but I stuck with it thinking things will get better and that it was best for me, but that was a big mistake in hindsight. I'm in third year now and I feel fucking miserable. I do not enjoy the work, I've lost interest in what I'm doing and I'm terrified of entering the corporate world. It's not even that I can't handle the workload, it's that i'm just too fucking stupid to do it correctly. My parents have expectations of me to do well since my two other brothers are dropouts and one of them has been a NEET for 2 years now. I've wasted €9,000 of my parents money (they're rich but still) and I feel so fucking ashamed of myself that I have nothing to show for it. How can I just tell everyone in my life "oh yeah, I gave up on that thing I spent years doing that cost a fortune because I'm a pussy".

How do I unfuck my life? I honestly haven't been happy in years and I've become so cynical and angry at myself and the world because of how much of a fuck-up I am. I don't want to kill myself bros.

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>just turned 30 yesterday
>quit my job recently, now studying at college
>400k in crypto
>80k in the bank
>no stocks
>decently /fit/
>no gf
>friends are busy with work

I'm not struggling financially and I'm not under any real stress at the moment, yet why do I feel so empty inside?

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XRP in freefall. You know I've almost missed this feeling of despair. I'm so used to it by now..

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LFG, only if you've been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain

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>watching the sun set on the bull run
kind of a strange feel, really. i thought we'd do better this time but i guess i should be happy i got out near the top.

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I'm holding, I have hope.

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The time is upon us

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After buying FIL at launch at $30 and selling at $100, I have now secured my 1milly RSR bag and have entered the top 900 holders. I can't really tell anyone else so I thought I'd tell me autistic trading frens. It feels so good knowing I'm going to make it. Never thought I'd be able to get this high, started buying RSR last year but did not grab enough before this summers pump. Now I have corrected my mistakes. See you fags on the yacht party.

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I hold 100k and I have no idea what it does.

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>they thought this was an image of the sun rising on crypto
>it was, and always has been, an image of it setting
dream's over, retards. time to wake up and go to work.

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My $230 portfolio is now worth $170. I'm financially ruined. I'm going to go live in the forest.

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