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>REQ will top around $250ish

WHat the fuck man

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REQ is going to be a part of a tranche of low volume shitcoins Binance will de-list because they can't make any revenue off them with their morbid trading activity and volumes.

No one wants REQ. Investors are seeking refuge in stable, solid projects with good teams and real product, not promises made by two developers and failed deals by amateurs.

The market agrees with everything I just said.

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If there's anything this thread has shown it's that at the end of the day it's more important to simply be in the market for a long enough amount of time in order to make money, actual intelligence beyond being able to avoid the most obvious scams doesn't really matter.

4 years and you're still letting your emotions dictate your trading, you're honestly no different from the fomo-ing animals that comprise 90% of crypto, just that you started earlier.

Bitcoin was at 9.9k just two and a half weeks ago and you decide to sell your shitcoins for 30% less because 'muh crypto is over', you're literally leaving nearly 300,000 dollars on the table because you have the emotional control of an 8-year old.

I'm done with this thread, I hope some anons lurking here can learn from OP's mistakes. Take profits on the way up, and never, never sell low, faggots.

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>Acting this confident less than 50 points away from liquidation of your entire stack

Even if you don't get liq'd and this goes further down you are a degenerate gambler and horrible trader.

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>They are working on it?

There's no indication of that. Devs have gone silent on this for months now because they know they don't have the solution.

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Lol, not even able to formulate a counter-argument, huh REQlets?

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>ass is a eugenics thing

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Its 3x already you mong

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Its' about bringing the promises of blockchain to real world use.

REQ is a beacon in an ocean of fraudulent shitcoins and bogus "partnerships".

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>Ignores breaking upwards
>Ignores long term downtrend broken on the linear and log scale
>Ignores indecisive daily doji printed 5 hours ago
>"Hurr durr I see ascending wedge so it must dump!"

I'm sure it's been fun learning TA since yesterday but please don't share your horrible analysis with the brainlets that occupy this shithole. They might just sell before the obvious bull run we're about to experience

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lol >>8897256

is right

holy shit the chink DUMPED on you retards at ATH and scammed the community several times over with litepal/pay and you still blow his shit

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Those aren't actually substantive arguments to his correct observation.

Any new person reading this will only see your raging and assume he's right.

Fucking retards don't even know how to defend their own bags.

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Divs are insane get in now

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You understand that 40% spread is un sustainable and needs tremendous growth to break even? Or you are typical brainlet on 4chan?
I suggest you pull out of this because your waiting energy on an unsustainable algorithm

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Is this legit or not?

Too lazy to verify myself.

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if something goes down 99,99999999999999% daily, it'd still never reach zero in a billion years you brainlet

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Is this real????

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you absolute fucking retard, if your position is -100 000 contracts and you go long for 25 000 contracts, what's your position after taking some profits?

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Op was it powh.net? Be honest did you get a lot from there and do you recommend it?

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Instagram is owned by facebook

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